Written by attorney Stacey Lynn Riley Walters

Do you need a Will, a Trust, or both to ensure a simple, easy transition if the unexpected happens?

My best friend asked me “Why is it that people think they just need a Will?” I candidly told her, “Because we don’t know, what we don’t know! We all follow what we know that was handed down in knowledge from our parents, grandparents, and others. Or we follow what other people may tell us, like a banker, a friend, a financial advisor. But the Truth is, when it comes to planning for the unexpected and wrapping up your affairs in a simple and easy way, there is a big disconnect between our knowledge and our goals in the event something happens.”

Your legal guide, N.C. Attorney Stacey Walters, shows you how a Will works when you die and then compares a Living Trust, and the advantages vs. disadvantages of both. After all, shouldn’t your goal being having the perfect plan, and not just any old plan? Stacey understands the frustrations of trying to sort out the legalese to find the perfect plan that meets all of your goals. Now, she has mastered it, in this easy to follow video, so you can understand the difference in order to find the peace of mind that only comes with having your perfect plan in place.

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