Written by attorney Vincent Peter White

Hair Discrimination

New York State as a Whole Extends Protections for Natural Hair.

Hey everybody I'm Vince White I'm an employment attorney and today we have a little bit more good news, and a little a little extra step in the right direction. I previously made a video about New York City extending protections to natural hair, saying workplaces employers can't target someone for wearing their hair naturally and if an employer does target someone for that, it's racism. Obviously, your body's part of your identity.

Since New York City took that step, California then extended the same protections. Now it is very exciting that New York State as a whole, not just New York City, but all of New York State has extended the protection for natural hair discrimination, which is tremendous. You shouldn't have to wear a wig or use chemicals in your hair if you don't want to.

I'm really happy and excited to hear this and we are here to bring those cases if someone's telling you that your natural hair is not going to cut it in the workplace and you need to cover it up or you need to change it in some way. That has a very strong chance of being viewed as racism discrimination. We would be thrilled to assist you. Don't hesitate to give us a call.

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