Written by attorney Vincent Peter White

How To Tell If You Might Have a Disability Discrimination or Failure to Accommodate Claim

Hello I'm Vincent white I'm an employment attorney. Today we're discussing what might create a claim for failure to accommodate under federal and state or local laws. These are always going to be very specific, very fact driven, and I'm always going to tell you that you should certainly meet with or at least speak with an employment attorney to get into the specifics of your situation before you start making snap judgments about what may or may not be a claim, what your recourse might be, or what the right tactical options might be.

As a very loose shorthand, if your employer has been notified that you need reasonable accommodations for your disability or medical condition, and if that employer has failed to engage in a reasonable accommodation dialogue with you or if they do engage in the dialogue, but they fail to grant you reasonable accommodations then you may have a claim and it's time to speak with an employment attorney.

I can't imagine too many reputable employment attorneys would charge you for that conversation, especially on the plaintiff side. Obviously we exist to help people in exactly that position and we should be thrilled to sit down and speak with you and see if we can help, because if we can help one we should be glad you and to it's an opportunity for us to win you money and in so doing win us money, right?

So don't be shy if you fall into either of those categories have a conversation with an attorney make sure you're getting the help and make sure you're you're getting your do your rights you shouldn't have to work in pain or deal with a workplace that's not accommodating you just because your boss is ignorant or doesn't want to comply with the law. Good luck

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