Written by attorney Vincent Peter White

What is a Karen and a Chad and Can I Use Those Terms in the Workplace

Hello, everyone, I am Vince White. I'm an employment attorney. The question Is about a popular meme in which white women are called Karens, and if that would be acceptable in the workplace?

And I obviously didn't know the answer. I had to look it up. I had to look up the origins and everything else. And it seems like the meme of calling these women Karens is split up into two categories. But probably not the best option to use the phrase "a Karen” in the workplace or to call someone a Karen in the workplace, because you're essentially using a term that is genderist and references race

So if you--if you're in the workplace and you say,"Hey, my coworker's being racist towards me, I want to file a complaint with HR," that is a really good option because you're gonna potentially lock in a number of protections against retaliation.

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