Written by attorney Steve C. Vondran

What is Coogan's Law?

This video talks about California Entertainment Law (Child Actors, Producers, Directors, Musicians, etc.) and the "Coogan's Law" named after child star Jackie Coogan (think Uncle Fester on the Adams Family) who had a good portion of his child earnings FLEECED by mismanagement of his earnings. The Coogan statute requires that at least 15% of a child's earnings (kids under 18) must be set aside in a "Coogan Trust Account" for the benefit of the Child actor (or other creative artist) when the child turns 18.they are deemed "emancipated" under the eyes of the law, and they can petition a California Superior Court to release their funds. It is a very unique law and this short video will explain how it works in real life. The California law amends both the CA labor code (wage and hour issues for kid stars), and the family code (dealing with Coogan bank accounts).

Additional resources provided by the author

For more information, see the video below on Jackie Coogan, who the law was named after when he lost allegedly millions of dollars being taken and mismanaged.

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